Our Group of Companies
Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd.
.Bhagwati Confectionery Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanalaxmi Synthetic Ltd.
Everest Sugar & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Oriental Construction and Development
Company Pvt. Ltd.
Koshi Plastic Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Pashupati Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd.
M/s Sunrise Developers P. Ltd.
Bhagwati Soap Industries Pvt. Ltd.
SKF Dealership
Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt. Ltd    

In life, there are two roads. The one most frequented and the one less taken. At Bhagwati Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. (BRM), we took the second road. BRM, commenced production in 1995 and in less than a decade we are one of the leading manufacturers of MS torque steel and sections in Nepal. Today, our investment stands at Nepalese Rs. 150 million and our growth story is illuminating.

BRM’s Torque Steel is highly demanded in the local markets. Our present installed capacity is 30,000 MT per annum and the sales turnover, approximately Nepalese Rs. 300 million per annum. We have also been certified to meet the Nepalese Standard (NS). In addition to torque and sections, we have started manufacturing nails and binding wires, which have increased our strength.

Our plant and machinery are as follows -10” rolling mill with 8 stands, furnace, wire driving machine, nail making machines and annealing pots. Our product range comprises: MS Torque Rods (8-32 mm), MS Plain Rods (8-32 mm) Sections (angle and flat), Nails (½”-4”) and Binding Wires.

We regularly train our 150 ‘human assets’ who are encompassing managers, electrical engineers, qualified staff, operators and technicians. We strive to make the company an example to emulate.

To enhance productivity, we invest in technology and new systems. Our customer drive has propelled us to understand their needs and the market better.

We are charged to deliver the best and increasing number of clients has resulted in constant growth for us. Having gained the trust and confidence in the domestic markets, we now intend to make a niche in the international markets as well. We plan to introduce our products in new markets, in the near future.

At BRM, we are committed in providing our customers quality in every form. We are driven by an outlook to be the best and offer the same. The future is blossoming at BRM !

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