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Bhagwati Soap Industries Pvt. Ltd.
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Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt. Ltd    

The use of laundry soap has acquired the status of basic necessity in the modern civilized community, essentially due to its cleaning action. Since 2001, quality soaps manufactured by Bhagwati Soap Industries (P.) Ltd, (BSI) have taken up an unstoppable cleaning action and have been on an endless war against dirt. Today, our investment and turnover are Rs.120 million and Rs. 200 million, respectively. Call us, whatever; we are obsessed with excellence and its many interpretations.

BSI has grown rapidly over the past two decades. This includes sales, investments, market coverage and financial strength. We believe in quality without compromise. We believe that teamwork, balanced with professional freedom,
within the overall objectives leads to high efficiency.

Our plant is located in Tanki Sinbari (Morang district, Nepal). Our machinery is sourced from G Mazooni S.P.A., Busto Arsizio and G.D. Bologna, of Italy, world leaders in soap production and packaging machinery. The quality maintained is much higher than that stipulated by Bureau of Indian Standards.

BSI values energy saving, a global necessity, today. This is achieved by generating the required power at lowest possible cost, ensuring no pollution. Our captive power-supply system also enables us to run our plant uninterrupted at all times. We have a water-cooling and recycling system that conserves ground water.

At BSI, professional, technically trained and experienced management personnel along with dedicated and experienced shop floor managers and a workforce numbering 100, orchestrate in perfect coordination to run the plant.

Our products have captured the lion’s share of the market. We manufacture packaged laundry soaps and detergents cakes branded as Dalima. We also manufacture and brand laundry soaps which are sold in unpacked form to satisfy the demand of the rural segment. The brands include Sahara, Naya, 72%, Cycle, Pukar and Bhagwati. Our products have also gained an excellent reputation in the Indian markets, owing to our good quality.

At BSI, we keep ourselves informed of market trends and emerging customer needs. We don’t fear tomorrow. We train our people for the future and prepare them to face new challenges to win against all odds. In the near future, we have plans to launch other quality laundry and washing products. Yes, tomorrow is waiting to happen but like today it will be ours!

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