Late Mr. Maliram Agarwal, my father, incorporated the MS Group in Nepal as a private company in 1970 with the objective of establishing a trading house of international repute, catering to commodity trading in the private sector. Within a short span of time, the establishment of a textile mill, in 1981, strengthened the group. Similarly, in 1987, an acrylic spinning mill was added to the group’s profile. Thus began an era of expansion and diversification, which still continues.

Today, our activities include manufacturing and services. We manufacture both consumer and durable goods. From steel corrugated sheets to confectionery products, the MS Group has it all. We are also leaders in the organized housing sector in the country and are also stakeholders in leading financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. The group is dedicated to exploring new opportunities and building on them.

The MS Group believes in investing in people. Our employees are among our most valued resources. We don’t believe in achieving success but believe in sharing it. We believe in the concepts of autonomy and empowerment. All our unites are managed autonomously and are headed by professionals in their fields, who are empowered to make not only day-to day operational decisions but also complex financial decisions for value addition and expansion.

The entire MS Group team is also dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction. Our success measurement indicators include customer satisfaction as one of the most important factors. We believe that a sale is only a transaction, but a customer, a life time partner.

The group is also committed to giving equal opportunities to both men and women and is against child labour. The group is also very flexible in order to adapt to any changes required. We keep pace with changing technologies and are willing to discard obsolete technology in order to invest in the latest.

The MS Group is capable of venturing into any project. We possess dedicated human resource, the best techniques and concepts and most of all, a strong business experience. The group has an excellent reputation in the financial markets and also shares excellent relationships with the leading financial institutions.

The main objective of the group is to create wealth and jobs, not only for group members but for the nation. We are committed to being ethical and social responsible in all our dealings and activities. Success to us is only a motivator for further growth, not a reward to be satisfied with. Be a part of the MS Group and you will be climbing a set of never ending staircase of growth!

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