Our Group of Companies
Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd.
.Bhagwati Confectionery Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanalaxmi Synthetic Ltd.
Everest Sugar & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Oriental Construction and Development
Company Pvt. Ltd.
Koshi Plastic Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Pashupati Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd.
M/s Sunrise Developers P. Ltd.
Bhagwati Soap Industries Pvt. Ltd.
SKF Dealership
Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt. Ltd    
Not all corporations begin with the recognition of the customer as a partner. At Oriental Construction and Development Company Pvt. Ltd. (OCDC), we begin long-term partnerships with our customers. We are prepared to fulfill the requirement of greater commitment and shouldering of increased responsibilities for such partnerships.

We realize that construction and development are means to an end and not an end in themselves. Since 2002, we have been charting new success trails and from 2003 onwards, we are charting substantial growth.

Foreseeing the ever-increasing demand in Kathmandu’s housing sector by an increasing population, the MS Group pioneered the launch of a construction and development company. OCDC was born to fulfill the MS Group’s dream of venturing into real estate and to present exemplary residences for the Nepali people. Since the start, OCDC has endeavored to provide absolutely the best in service and the company has grown fast, beyond projections.

Our first project outlay was a modest Nepalese Rs. 200 million. The accolades and overwhelming response encouraged our foray into further projects. Presently, our turnover is Nepalese Rs. 700 million. The immediate objective of OCDC is to extend beyond real estate, encompassing the entire realm of civil construction including hydroelectric projects, highways, etc.

Sunrise Homes, our first residential project ushers international standards in organized housing. The company is set to launch an array of new housing projects in Kathmandu and other locations.

OCDC has separate wings to address different areas in construction and development. We select and train professionals not only to build their technical competence but also groom their personality, communication skills and
attitude. Our approach is multi-faceted. Our skills, expertise and delivery models have already proven themselves via our completed projects in diverse areas. We have established ourselves by delivering innovative project solutions to clients.

We are committed to outstanding personal attention, prompt response, integrity and complete customer satisfaction to let our clients concentrate on larger issues. So whatever the need, we can make available the required expertise for the repository of skills.

Our customer-centralism constantly propels us to new concepts and systems. We are all for customer happiness and satisfaction with services. With us, one gets fast turnaround time, round the clock production cycle, extensive experience in versatile areas, high level of security and integrity, documented process, legal and enforceable non-disclosure agreements in place. The story has just begun!

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