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Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt. Ltd    

Innovation and creativity are the drivers of growth in the new millennium. They enable a quantum leap to unimagined results and solutions. At Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt Ltd. (BCI), a professionally managed company, manufacturing high quality branded heavy duty (extra power) dry cells batteries, which commenced production in 1995, we believe in being innovative, supplying perfect products and a vast range. You may call us insightful as well, with an elevated viewpoint, client focus and wide reach.

From the beginning, we have strived to ensure customer satisfaction with unparalleled quality and service and thus
experienced exemplary growth. We are client centric and our attitude gives us away as a company offering tomorrow’s solutions today.

In a short span, we have created a name for ourselves. Enabling this is state-of-the-art technical know how from Japan, excellent quality control measures, product variety, innovative-ness and good after sales service, all of which
ensures utmost customer satisfaction.

Today, our investment and turnover stand at Nepalese Rs. 100 million and Rs. 150 million, respectively. Most of the batteries manufactured by BCI are well sought by the Nepalese markets, acting as valuable import substitutes. The continued trust of our valued customers has helped us to grow from an initial installed capacity of 30,000 pieces per day to the present capacity of 60,000 pieces per day and the company is all set to install and commission a new line, which will increase our capacity to 100,000 pieces per day, making us the largest producer of dry cell batteries in the country.

Located at Tanki Sinbari (Morang district, Nepal), we meet client requirements in accordance with their expectations. We deeply believe that we can grow by enabling our clients to grow. Our plant is equipped with machinery from renowned Indian dry cell machinery manufacturers. For quality assurance, we possess the latest testing equipment. While we use the Nepalese Standard mark and meet Nepalese Standards, the quality of our products is comparable with international standards. The power supply at our plant is uninterrupted, supported by unequalled D.G. sets.

At BCI, we always face challenges head on. We train and strengthen our human assets’ (A team of 100 employees, comprising professional managers, well-qualified personnel, fully trained operators and technicians) knowledge, skills and perspectives. Our attempt is to continuously transform the company into a centre of excellence that further breeds
excellence. Yes, we empower our people and let them free. We also impart training programmes to them, which are symbolized via unequalled levels and services.

BCI produces dry cell batteries in various sizes, with leak proof metal jackets, laminated paper jacket with metal bottom, paper jacket with PVC cover and PVC jacket options. We keep pace with new technologies and deliver world-class products via latest techniques. We have already successfully established our products in the domestic markets, however and are commited to further expansion to elevate our products to new levels and to ensure total import substitution.

What didn’t seem promising to others was far more promising for us. Tomorrow, we intend to explore new horizons and avenues in the dry cell market.

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