Our Group of Companies
Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd.
.Bhagwati Confectionery Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanalaxmi Synthetic Ltd.
Everest Sugar & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Oriental Construction and Development
Company Pvt. Ltd.
Koshi Plastic Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Pashupati Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Bhagwati Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd.
M/s Sunrise Developers P. Ltd.
Bhagwati Soap Industries Pvt. Ltd.
SKF Dealership
Bhagwati Carbide Industries Pvt. Ltd    
Our goal is not to be the biggest player in the category of our business, but just the best. Our endeavors are designed to deliver consumerfriendly products and services. We are always interested in discovering better features for our products, better ways to communicate performance, and better ways to service our customers. We are consistently committed to seeking ways to improve both performance and the quality we provide.

Not just the manifest of any company but one, which redefined the corporate landscape in Nepal, the Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd., (RSM). The MS Group in partnership with the Golyan Group promoted RSM in 1994. Today the investment has reached Nepalese Rs. 22 million. In a short period we have created a name for ourselves in the global market by virtue of our state-of-the-art technology, quality control, and customer orientation.

RSM’s yarn is well sought by both the domestic & international markets. The fact that our valued customers have imposed their faith in us again and again and has helped us to grow from a modest installed capacity of 9000 Ring spinning spindles in 1996 to the present installed capacity of 56880 spindles, making us capable of producing 18500 tonnes of high quality yarn annually. The sale turnover is approximately Nepalese Rs. 27 million, with 80% of production being exported to India and other international markets.

Located in Khanar (Morang District of Nepal) RSM is equipped with hitech, state-of-the-art machinery from world-renowned textile machinery manufacturers like Lakshmi Rieter, Savio and Schlafhorst Saurer. Our technology is the best available, right from pre-opening line to the final stage of yarn.

We have world-class Quality Assurance Systems, with the latest testing equipment from India. When it comes to power, we have 100%, uninterrupted supply, with a fully automatic self-generation and humidification plant, to ensure consistent temperature and humidity for working of our machines.

At RSM, we train and strengthen our 1900 human assets’ knowledge, skills and perspectives. Professional managers, well-qualified staff, fully trained operators and technicians handle all specific requirements of the customers upto the highest degree. Special attention is paid to after sales and services.

We produce 100% Acrylic and Polyester yarn. We also produce a variety of blended Polyester and Viscose Yarn. Our yarn is available in different blends, counts and shades. We supply our produce in both cones and hanks.

From the beginning, we have strived to ensure customer satisfaction with unparalleled quality and service, thus experiencing growth. RSM has achieved success in establishing itself for its high quality yarns in both, the domestic and export markets. Our main thrust is in exports of quality yarn by enriching the existing market and exploring newer markets. At RSM we welcome and anticipate change. We are forever equipped to cater to the ever changing and fashion driven textile industry.

Tomorrow is waiting to happen. But for us, it is already here. At RSM, we are creating it, now!

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